Conflict Resolution Day is celebrated globally to promote the concept of peaceful conflict resolution.

Primarily an educational event, it’s main purpose is to increase awareness of peaceful, non-violent methods of conflict resolution such as mediation and arbitration avoiding the expensive, uncertain and adversarial judicial system. 

Tonight our founder Shainul Kassam was invited to moderate a panel discussion with Sir Bernard Rix. Sir Bernard retired in 2013 as a Lord Justice of Appeal with 20 years’ experience in the Commercial Court and Court of Appeal. Since 2013 he has accepted appointments as an arbitrator, mediator and expert witness. He is a member of the HKIAC Panel of Arbitrators and mediators, has been appointed to the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal and is an ADR Group accredited mediator. Sir Bernard is also a Professor of International Commercial Law at Queen Mary, University of London.

The panel discussion was to explore the transformative impact of mediation in conflict resolution, and was hosted at The Ismaili Centre London.

Our Founder Shainul Kassam reflected that, “When we as human beings find ourselves in conflict, and whether we know it or not, we have been changed by that conflict. It is unlikely that an order of the court, even in our favour, is going to be able to provide us with the enabling environment needed to move forward from that conflict. It is often through the process of mediation, and admittedly this can take time, that we can through dialogue, understand, recognise, accept and ultimately regain our power. Thank you to everyone who came.”