Family law is not an area we advise on (although we can always recommend trusted advisers) the ethics underpinning the delivery of our professional services however is a matter of paramount importance regardless of the area of specialisation.


The Children Act starring Emma Thomson and Stanley Tucci was based on a novel of the same name by author Ian McEwan and grapples with issues of morality, redemption and explores the complexity of the law and the difficulties of judgement.


On a lighter note, we were tickled by how many of us had dashed through the High Court racing to a hearing or needing to issue a claim by a stipulated deadline.


We whole heartedly recommend a trip to the cinema if you haven’t already been to see this film. Here’s a link to an article in the Guardian “Ian McEwan: the law versus religious belief” which beautifully articulates the background to the film, the real life case it was based on and to the intricacies of the family courts in particular.