The beginning of a founder’s journey is the most exhilarating and often the most challenging.

For many founders, the decision on how to best structure their business and put into place key legal documents often doesn’t come until much further down the line, sometimes only because an unexpected legal issue or problem has arisen.

We see those problems on an almost daily basis. We know that often a figure for legal services hasn’t made the cash flow projections. We know that being prepared always costs less but we also know that the capital isn’t there to get it all right from the get go.

Having spent far too many hours helping founders and small businesses unravel contractual headaches as a result of using documents that were not fit for purpose or attempting to claw back IP or shares which were given away unwittingly, we decided to be proactive and develop a sensible and commercially viable way for businesses to get access to the commercial law they really need. We kicked off with a soft launch of our “Legal Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs” in collaboration with The Budding Entrepreneur Academy. 7 topics, 2 experts, 1 day. With the help of 11 founders we brought key areas of business law to life and worked to design and develop outstanding boot camps for future entrepreneurs.

Here’s what they said:

“A very insightful day with excellent talks and well planned discussions. I will now seek legal advice when needed”

Jackson Pickard of OxyOse (oxygen infused health beverage).

“I thought I knew more about protecting my IP than I did”

Nicholas Hemingway of Hemiware (

“Having attended the Boot Camp I will make sure that I have proper legal documents in place in my next company and not sign any documentation without the advice of a lawyer”

Farah Zahid

Focus on our Boot Camp Attendees

Lalit Sritara- OneCrowd: smart address book app.


Have you ever struggled to remember everything important you discussed with your acquaintances? When was the last time you received or wrote a meaningful thank you note with a personal touch? Have you ever recognised a face without remembering the person’s name? How did that make you feel?

OneCrowd App is a smart address book. It aggregates acquaintances’ information and pictures available on social media (e.g. Facebook and LinkedIn) for users. More importantly, it allows users to make personalised notes about their relationship with each acquaintance and uses categories and colour-coding to provide a visual display of the notes. So, when users see their acquaintances, they can make the appropriate follow-up comments with a personal touch. To help users recognise people’s names, keywords in the personal notes can be used as personalised search terms when users try to match faces with the right names.

My name is Lalit Sritara and I am an undergraduate student at University College London with project and event management experience in Bangkok and London. My co-founders and I are developing OneCrowd a smart address book app. The idea won the UCL EFS Startup of the Year award in March this year.

Please feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or via email.

Nicholas Hemingway –


“I have a box that belonged to my grandfather of all of his tools and some of the pencils inside it have been sharpened all the way down to the rubber, in fact, I have a box of drafting tools from his grandfather William Hemingway too in which lies another almost fully sharpened down pencil which must be well over 100 years old. How often nowadays do you see the design life of a pencil lasting over 1 year? Of course, they can last many years, but the point is, do we see a value in the pencil any more?”

Hemiwear is a start-up design company founded by Nicholas Hemingway with it’s key product being the Everlasting Pencil. Each beautiful and stylish pencil is made to order and available in solid aluminium, brass and stainless steel.

Emma Fitzgerald – @theleafco

At The Leaf Collective, our focus is on a holistic approach to health and wellbeing that encompasses us as a whole – body, mind and emotions. Our range of organic tea tonics are inspired by Ayurveda “the science of living wisely’ and have been expertly blended to encapsulate the principles and wisdom of this ancient Indian health system. With our consciously crafted teas and meditation plan we’ve created a sanctuary-like tea experience, designed to bring the body and mind into balance. Our aim is to revive ancient natural health and wellbeing traditions, making them accessible to all and as easy to incorporate into your busy life as your daily cup of tea.

Drink well. Think well.

Suparna Malhotra –


My business is to help professional women progress to the top of their careers, and to do so with confidence and authenticity. Clients of mine often hire me when they feel they need extra support and help with leadership development within their roles, and when they wish to progress to the next level.

I work within the banking, legal and corporate sectors, and have done work for the Indian government as well as the United Nations.

Jackson Pickard – OxyOse @OxyOse


OxyOse is the UKs original oxygen infused beverage company based out of London and was a Virgin Start-up Finalist at the Foodpreneur Festival last year, a winner of Shell Live WIRE Grand Ideas Award and a winner of London South Bank University’s Makeithappen Finals.

Our aim is to provide consumers with a great tasting drink united with an instant energy boost, without the negative side effects that come with your usual caffeine or sugar high beverages. We feel that the trends in consumer spending perfectly reflect our understanding of the market. The current trend is health, the rise in sales of bottled water and the fall of carbonates shows this, however, energy is king so to speak. After drawing these conclusions, it gives us focus on helping the nation to find that perfect healthy alternative offering the revitalising effect they desire. OxyOse fits the gap in the market perfectly, offering both low calorie with a great taste that will also provide the boost that your day needs.

OxyOse has developed over the years launching new vitamin-infused powders to double as our foaming agents. We have also progressed our machine to a 2 in 1 style and continue to discuss improvements with our manufacturer. This coincided with our vision progressing and pivoting to source our route to market. We have gone from pop-ups at Wimbledon Piazza to providing our delicious OxyOse to events such as Virgin’s VOOM, The Financial Times conferences and at PWC head offices. Named as the ‘next big trend’ by Drinks Outsider, OxyOse has had major interest from various investors and franchisees around the globe. Currently, a pop-up service OxyOse is working on launching the first permanent location producing our product in front of our costumers’ eyes. OxyOse has been successful in several competitions through the years, most recently Santander’s 250 pitch competition at Swansea University and will soon be entered in a national competition so keep your eyes peeled for more updates on our website or our other social media channels.

Zahara Andany – The ANDMER DNA



The ANDMER DNA was born from the search for beautifully made luxe holiday pieces with a contemporary timeless style, versatile element, practical for the lifestyle traveller.

Our collection has been carefully crafted for travel-ease and comprises a kaleidoscope of both block hues and statement digital prints, using high quality luxury and performance fabrics.

The range differentiates itself with innovative resort wear designs including pocket kaftans, reversible capes, two-way kimonos, adjustable jumpsuits and iconic swimwear.

Each piece is designed with the refined urban woman in mind and the global jet-setter who travels on a whim to golden sands and-Sea (AND-MER).

ANDMER are getting their social media ready but for now you can find them on Instagram.