My week’s work experience at Fortune Law as someone who had no previous experience in law:

I started the week with a very open mind, ready for whatever was thrown at me. I can certainly say I have had a fantastic time here and it surpassed my expectations due to the level of engagement with cases I thought I would have. Inclusion is not something a work experience candidate often feels – understandably so, work needs to be done and it can be a pain having to remind yourself constantly that there is someone new who doesn’t understand the fine details of a case, or even how things work around the office – but exclusion has not once been part of my week at Fortune Law.

I have felt so welcomed by the team and nothing felt like it was too much to ask. I am very curious and constantly ask questions, but this was something that never phased the team. Even though they were extremely busy all week and had a lot of very important client deadlines to be met, they always had time for me. I cannot begin to explain how grateful I feel for this, and how much a student like myself appreciates this.

It is clear that the Fortune Law team not only are really excellent at their jobs, but they also love what they do. However, they were also genuine and explained how difficult things could be. This level of honesty was so refreshing and made my week all the better as I felt like I got a true representation of what the life of a corporate lawyer is like. I learnt that it is extremely hard work and is a very intellectually stimulating job where you are constantly learning every day. But it is also very rewarding, especially when a case that you have been working on for over a year is finally settled.

Although it was my first experience in a law firm, I have felt so involved with the system that I feel like I have been here longer! I didn’t realise just how much I could learn in such a short space of time. My week has been so varied. It started off with reading through a hotel management agreement (and trying to understand lots of new concepts very quickly) and subsequently writing a letter of advice to the client. I have carried out a lot of research this week, on; the Freedom of Information Act and how to make a request, the Pimlico Plumbers case, land charges and what happens when a borrower defaults on secured lending, bankruptcy and the difference between an LLP and a company. Tasks I have been given include; the drafting of initial questions for a boat rental agreement, writing a memorandum to a client on a consultancy agreement, writing an article on default on secured lending, reading through numerous contracts for a lease, completing a witness statement for a restoration of a dissolved LLP and proof-reading further contracts. I also got to visit the Royal Courts of Justice which was really exciting!

This week has been so busy, almost overwhelming at times, but I never felt like I couldn’t ask for help. Although I have only been at Fortune Law for a week, I have learnt so much and will take a lot away from it. I have grown in confidence and my knowledge of corporate legal matters has vastly increased. This week I have been privileged to spend time with intelligent, powerful women who have inspired me even more so towards an intellectually stimulating and challenging job that I am very passionate about. I have been so interested in all matters I have dealt with over these past few days and enjoyed pushing myself constantly. Although I’m not 100% certain corporate law is for me, it is something I have a lot of interest in and can see myself doing when I am older. I would just like to say a massive thank you to Shainul, Rozena and Ellie who have all made such a great week for me and that I certainly won’t forget!