We’ve helped many clients resolve their disputes. We’ve also helped them plan to avoid future disputes. Whether you are a start-up, established business or corporate business there are ways to protect your business and make disputes easier to resolve:

1      Make sure you have a strong set of Terms & Conditions and regularly reviewing these – see our helpful article on terms & conditions.

2      Put in place a Partnership or Shareholder agreement and clear Articles of Incorporation where relevant

3      Ensure that employment terms are clear and provided to employees within 2 months of their start date;

4      Deal with complaints or grievances whether from staff, clients or suppliers amicably and swiftly to avoid issues escalating.

The importance of investing in protecting yourself legally becomes clearer when things go wrong. We advise you to prepare a clear set of terms and/or put relevant legal agreements in place early on in your business life cycle. It protects you and your company and is much more cost effective than having to sort out disputes at a later date.