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Legal Bootcamps & Masterclasses

Education is a life long journey. This is particularly true in the age we are living in and none of us regardless of age, circumstance or position can meet our potential if we stop learning. We have established the Fortune Law Academy to enable us as a firm to share our legal knowledge, skills and experience with a wide an audience as possible. We do this primarily through our Legal Boot Camps and Masterclasses.

Legal Bootcamp for Founders

We have encountered clients who for often pressing reasons sacrificed critical legal advice at the outset of the venture and then came to see us significantly unstuck losing leverage, ownership and critically, value in their businesses. To assist start-ups and founders at these early yet crucial stages we have designed a curriculum focused on essential legal topics to share good practices and to reduce commercial risks.

Our Legal Bootcamp for Founders and Start-ups focuses on three key areas: Starting up (incorporation, NDAs, shareholder agreements,), protecting assets (trademark registration in the UK, EU and worldwide) and early stage fund raising (financial promotion and EIS and SEIS considerations).

We are also working with Imperial College London initially starting with the MBA programme but with a view to rolling out our boot camps across campus.

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Masterclasses for Founders

Whilst our Legal Bootcamps are designed to educate and support entrepreneurs at an early stage, our series of Masterclasses for Founders focus on the scaling and growth of a business and cover topics including conflict resolution, negotiating commercial leases, HR issues, regulatory and compliance issues, global partnerships and fundraising including Series A, B and beyond.

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