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Do you have DRIVE?

Over the years, we have represented but also shared as loyal supporters the journey of many entrepreneurs and founders who have demonstrated strength and courage in taking their vision and built from that vision sustainable commercial businesses.

Founders are curious. They live in the future. They believe in something that doesn’t yet exist.  They ask why questions. They ask what if? They are relentless in their pursuit of making a difference, of building something that matters. They are impatient. They are resilient. What is more, they all possess DRIVE.

Read our founder interviews here across a range of industries from hospitality to technology, and from finance to fashion.

If you would like to share your views and experiences with other founders, budding entrepreneurs, and the world at large, and for us to showcase you and your business in word or film, please email us today.

Read the DRIVE Founder Stories

Samuel-Dean McMurran
September 21, 2017

Samuel Dean has DRIVE

Alternative search engines? Why do we need them when we already have Google, Yahoo, Bing? Any list of significant search engines will...

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