Fortune Law and the new legal eagles

Julia Szymanska – My week at Fortune Law

“Coming in on my first day on Work experience I was quite shy. But as soon as I stepped foot into the office, I was welcomed straight away. They got me busy as soon as I came in and explained everything I needed to know. Even though there were exceptionally busy all week and had a lot of very important client deadlines to meet, they still checked up on me every hour or so and explained everything I struggled with to the best of their ability knowing that I’ve come to the firm not having any experience with law. I’m so grateful to the whole team for helping me every day.

My dream ever since I’ve been a little girl has been to become a lawyer and this experience has really given me a glimpse into the real world and I loved it! The team were so encouraging and  positive, I never stopped smiling. The office where I worked had such a positive atmosphere as well as such a great working atmosphere, it was quiet, but I was able to as many questions when I wanted, and the team were so engaged with me. The team always had open discussions about different cases which was very interesting to listen to and helped each other whenever it was needed. The team really showed their family spirit when it was one of the members birthday and they surprised her with a cake and some gifts, it really shows how much they value and care for each other.

Overall the team worked very well together and not only are they passionate about their job they also love it. They have really made me want to pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer in the future. During the day the team would ask me about what I would like to be in the future and gave me good advice on how it would be possible for me to get there. They talked me through which university they had gone to and what courses they had taken and spoke to me about what would be the best options for myself.

I have learned that being a corporate lawyer is very hard work where every day you are constantly learning something new. It is a tough job which is very intellectual. Conversely, it is also a very rewarding job especially when a case that you have worked for over a year is over. The team taught me a lot of new good vocabulary which I will now use in my everyday life.

Although it has been my first work experience and it has only been for a week, I feel like I’ve been here for much longer. I didn’t realise how much I could learn in such a short amount of time. My week has been so interesting from researching an actual case then researching trademarks and writing a blog about it. The tasks had kept me interested and busy at all times. This week has definitely helped me grown in confidence as well as definitely encouraged me to do my best so I can get my dream job in the years to come. I feel so privileged as a teenager to work with such talented adults and I can’t thank Shainul enough for letting me do my work experience placement here. I can see myself having a job like this in the future, so I really have something to work towards now. I had a fantastic time at Fortune Law, and I would like to say a massive thank you to Shainul, Kamen, Aga and Alex for making my experience the best it possibly could have been and really encouraging me. I wish you all the best of luck in the future.”

Julia Szymanska