Fortune Law and the new legal eagles

Ali Zayaan Burney – My week at Fortune Law

“Having had no previous exposure to law and its related principles before, the concept of committing myself to Fortune Law for three days initially seemed a daunting experience. I felt as though my lack of experience and expertise would hinder my progression of understanding cases and terminology – therefore restricting my ability to gain optimally from the experience. However, after entering the offices on the first day, I realised that I was completely wrong, the extent of hospitality I received from the entire team was profound, I felt welcome, included and ready to get on with the tasks at hand.

The level of expertise and perfect gelling of personalities make Fortune Law an outstanding place to work and it was made clear to me from the offset that Shainul, Aga, Kamen and Alex are all immensely passionate about what they do. This alongside the like mindedness of these individuals established an environment of hard work, ingenuity and trust. The willingness to share knowledge and experiences with that of a work experience candidate (which is extremely out of the ordinary) came of great use to me. My curiosity was always met by an influx of information – explained to me in a clear and concise manner. The ability to manage this alongside their many client deadlines, meetings and constant phone calls, was especially considerate and something I greatly appreciate.

Looking back, I was able to complete and receive feedback on several tasks – each of a varied nature. This variance of tasks presented an opportunity to see the refreshing nature of corporate and commercial law – whereby each day sees a different challenge. I have been able to carry out numerous research tasks during my time here; using sources predominantly from Thomson Reuter’s practical law online library. Some of these included; a task assessing and evaluating a summary judgement, as well as a research project, where I investigated the differences between trademark registrations, such as the Madrid protocol, and was able to conduct independent research into intellectual property right licenses. Moreover, I was able to undertake some more colourful tasks including that of producing an article for a newly opened restaurant; where Fortune Law recently completed on its lease, as well as creating a database of information for the accountants following Fortune Law’s twitter page.

Additionally, I was able to visit the historical Royal Courts of Justice, where I was able to envision the Law I had been exposed to in the office into a more traditional setting. Following this, I was also presented with a council’s note of advice for a business dispute where, after guidance, I now understand terminology such as estoppel as well as voting and non-voting shares.

My experience at Fortune Law is one which I could never expect and will always be grateful for, I have learnt so much and will take a lot away from this opportunity. The friendly environment created by the team made sure that I never felt nervous to ask a question or guidance when I needed it. The stimulating nature of corporate law and its several aspects were sometimes overwhelming, though, in conclusion, were all interesting and I wish to look deeper into these. I would like to say an extremely large thank you to Shainul, Aga, Kamen and Alex, who made the experience an outstanding one and I am envious of their ability to always give their all when working with one another as well as with their clients.”

Ali Zayaan Burney