A week at Fortune Law:

Working in a commercial firm has always been a dream. Upon being offered work experience at Fortune Law for me, was a stepping-stone to fulfilling my dreams. As a quiet and somewhat shy person one week was all I had to put myself out there and get all the exposure I possibly could.

From the first day I stepped into the office I was thrown in the deep-end which was scary yet exciting! Being a boutique commercial firm with a small team meant the experience was very hands-on. I was given a task to prepare a due diligence report for an asset purchase agreement which was probably my favourite task in the entire week. I had to go through several documents and carried out research on the purpose of most of the documents as well as how the client could benefit from certain permissions the seller had. Although it took long, commercial property was always an area I liked learning about but had no experience in and with Shainul’s continued guidance and feedback I felt confident in the work I delivered.

Throughout the week I carried out various other tasks including carrying out research on the scope of the Limitation Act 1980 and following it up with a letter of advice; reviewing a settlement agreement and writing a letter of advice based on the terms of the agreement to the client terminating his employment contract; attended to telephone calls; and prepared an attendance note. Although I have experience in the legal sector, these are areas of the law that I hadn’t had experience in before.

I had no expectations of the kind of work I would be engaged in, but I was pleasantly surprised and left work every day feeling great for having learnt something new. The whole team is extremely hard working and welcoming which made it easier for me to settle in. Shainul supervised me through all my tasks and always took the time to sit down and discuss the work I had done, and I could not be more grateful for the amount of attention such a busy woman (she literally is all rounded!!) was willing and able to give me. Whenever I needed help all I had to do was ask.

I have an appreciation for the kind of work the firm is involved in and I am also more certain than ever this is the area I want to continue to grow in. Being at Fortune Law has helped boost my confidence, my legal writing skills and my ability to communicate with people around me.

I would like to thank Shainul, Rozena and Ellie for making my experience truly fantastic and for always wanting to be better for their clients and their team.