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Commercial disputes are a fact of business life

Commercial disputes are a fact of business life and some unfortunately do lead to litigation when all else fails. Our specialist commercial litigation solicitors advise both claimants and defendants on a wide range of litigious matters.

Resolving disputes through litigation

Fortune Law help clients in a wide range of litigious matters including unpaid debt disputes, breach of directors’ fiduciary duties, breach of contract and shareholder and partnership disputes. We can advise you on the following:

  • Review your position and whether issuing a claim is your best option or what forms of alternative dispute resolution would best suit your needs.
  • Negotiate an out of court settlement or start a claim. Advising on the best court for this or prepare a defence to a claim form received.
  • Instruct Counsel on the nature of the dispute, the sums and issues involved and attend conferences.
  • Prepare court documents including claim forms, particulars of claim, defences, counterclaims, court orders, witness statements, lists of documents, court bundles.
  • Advise on tactics and strategy throughout the process.
  • Attend mediation with a view to settlement.


How we’ve helped our clients

As commercial litigation solicitors we have many case studies. Here are two specific examples where we have helped clients:

  • Defence of High Court application for injunctions and settlement of substantive claim in respect of alleged breaches of our client’s contract of employment, specifically: non-solicitation and non-competition covenants; misuse of confidential information; and failure to return company property.
  • Highly litigious case involving the alleged breach of directors’ fiduciary duties and theft of database, including defence of freezing order application and subsequent application to discharge, successful defence of application for summary judgment, and eventual £1.3million settlement.

We work on the premise that part of our job is to assist you pro-actively in avoiding litigation where possible. Litigation is usually unwanted, expensive and can for small businesses be the making or breaking of a venture, distracting both staff and principals from vital tasks and diverting financial resources from where they are most needed.


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