Business disputes and commercial dispute resolution

Efficient and cost effective legal advice

As frustrating as they can be, you may find yourself at some point in an unavoidable dispute with a business partner, a supplier, a creditor, or with your business colleagues or staff. Fortune Law’s commercial dispute resolution solicitors move fast to provide efficient and cost effective legal advice to bring a resolution to your dispute.

Solving your business disputes

Business or commercial disputes we regularly help clients with include:

  • Founder disputes – Partnership disputes, director and shareholder exit disputes.
  • Intellectual property disputes – Copyrights, Patents, Intellectual Property and Trademarks.
  • Commercial disputes – Distribution and franchise disagreements, various issues arising from breach of contract, advice on the legal position in the absence of contracts.
  • Employment disputes – for example breach of employment contracts. Find out how we can help with employment issues in employment law or useful articles including this one on “When Employees Turn Rogue”.
  • Domain name disputes – Dispute resolution service, issuing a complaint or resolution of complaint. Find out more on how we help with domain name disputes.


How we’ve helped our clients

Examples of specific business disputes where our advice helped clients with dispute resolution include:

  • Termination of IT software development and services contracts and recovery of outstanding fees in excess of €1million.
  • Dispute between exiting director/shareholder of a management consultancy and the other directors/shareholders in relation to alleged breach of fiduciary duties (by solicitation of clients prior to exit) and the division of clients and future profits.
  • Multi-million shareholder dispute involving family members and various assets and claims in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Issue of claim for unpaid fees (circa £80,000 including interest and costs) and subsequent settlement.
  • Pre-litigation settlement of claim in restitution for a £30,000 refund paid twice in error by our client to its own client.
  • High court injunction brought ex parte against our client for breach of restrictive covenants.
  • Freezing order placed on our client’s assets amidst a dispute over theft of intellectual property.
  • Pre-litigation settlement of claim for non-payment of invoices and breach of consultancy agreement between our client and a multinational energy provider.


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