Amazon Workers for Climate Justice

Amazon Workers for Climate Justice have been warned by their employer that they could be fired if they continue to speak out publicly against Amazon’s climate change policies.

Amazon argue its updated policy to seek pre authorisation before media engagement is not new and makes it easier to engage externally. The workers argue it came in a day after 1000 employees stated their intention to attend the global climate strike in September.

Employers have the right to require employees to keep confidential information confidential and to uphold trade secrets both during and after employment. Employers also have the right to regulate how and when employees speak to the press or the media  when representing the business. However, in this case workers are speaking out about their employer (not on its behalf) regarding information that is already in the public domain.

Is it sensible for Amazon to be seen to be silencing discussion on one of the most pressing issues of our time?

Should talented employees who care about the planet submit their findings to their employer and leave it at that or should they quit or try to bring collective pressure on their employer to bring about change?

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