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  • October 2013 Hotel Industry website column :Top tips to avoid discrimination when recruiting
    28th Oct 2013

    Shainul Kassam, columnist and Managing Partner at Fortune Law discusses that discrimination is a critical factor in all employment matters, and indeed since the advent of the Equality Act 2010 (the “Act”) in all areas of life, recruitment is an area of continuing growth in which organisations should be particularly careful – and so it is crucial for employers in hospitality to understand their obligations when it comes to hiring.

  • September 2013 Hotel Industry website column:10 Top Tips For Hotel Terms & Conditions
    24th Sep 2013

    Shainul Kassam, columnist and Principal at Fortune Law discusses how Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) are a crucial document for running your business, especially in the hotel industry. They set in stone the relationship between you and your guests and help to protect you in the event of a dispute. T&Cs can define the exact nature of the goods and services you provide and their payment terms. They can also provide flexibility to the parties so as to adapt the nature of the relationship in accordance with changing requirements and deal with any liability issues.

  • April 2013 Jewellery Focus magazine: Employee Bonuses
    15th Apr 2013

    Added bonus - Owner of Forune Law, Shainul Kassam, provides guidance on the awarding of employee bonuses.

  • March 2013 Hotel Owner column: Unfair Contracts
    15th Mar 2013

    Unfair agreements - This month Shainul Kassam cautions against imposing unfair gym contracts on those who may want to use your facilities on a regular basis to keep fit.

  • Feb 2013 Hotel Owner column: Social Media in the Workplace
    12th Feb 2013

    Shainul writes about how employers can manage employees use of socila media during working hours and gives you 10 Top Tips on developing a socila networking policy for your business.

  • Jan 2013, Hotel Owner column: Employee Bonuses
    23rd Jan 2013

    Shainul Kassam explains about the awarding of employee bonuses, including tips on what to bear in mind when planning and implementing bonus schemes.

  • November 2012, FAB Women In Business article
    14th Nov 2012

    So what's it like being on maternity leave while running your own business? Shainul tells the story of how she managed to work while taking care of her baby.

  • September 2012, Fortune Law comments in Caterer & Hotelkeeper article on "It's a Great Time to Buy a Hotel"
    19th Sep 2012

    Since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in September 2008, the hotel industry has witnessed a gradual decline in values, putting prospective buyers in a great position - provided they have the funds.

  • Hospitality Today, Buying A Hotel, June 2012
    20th Jun 2012

    Hotels can be a great investment. Whether you choose to buy outright or invest in the relatively new concept of the buy to let hotel room, there are a number of key points to consider to ensure you succeed in your new venture.

  • Report on the International Hotel Investment Forum 2012
    12th Jun 2012

    The 15th International Hotel Investment Forum was held at the Hotel Intercontinental in Berlin between 5 and 7 March 2012. The Forum was attended by 1,707 members of the Hospitality industry from 57 countries. Jonathan Worsley, Chairman of Bench Events (the Forum’s organiser), reported that they comprised 36% from the branded sector; 41% from the UK; and 24% owner operators.

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